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Woodridge specializes in custom web and <a rel="nofollow" href="http://woodridgesoftware.com/mobile-app-development/"target="_blank">mobile development.</a> We are an app development company located near Denver, CO. Our team has built Android and iOS apps for a variety of clients and industries. Because we have successfully leveraged a variety of techniques and technologies to build and deploy apps for our customers, we can explain the differences and tradeoffs to help you make the right business decision for your needs.


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HOL needed a partner to develop a new platform that would allow instructors and students in science courses to effectively teach and learn in a distance learning environment. HOL chose Woodridge as that partner based on our strong team of UX Designers and Software Developers and based on our experience in educational software.

Woodridge developed a full-service distance learning platform for HOL. The authoring platform streamlines textbook content development, allowing traditional text and image course content to be augmented with audio, video, and interactives.


Outreach Smartphone Monitoring

Outreach Smartphone Monitoring

Mobile apps continue to replace expensive legacy products. Take ankle bracelets worn by suspects and parolees: they’re expensive and outdated, so why not replace them with a mobile app and a Bluetooth breathalyzer? Outreach Smartphone Monitoring (OSM) had the idea to do this and approached Woodridge to make it a reality. The OSM system built by Woodridge has received accolades in the marketplace and is starting to gain widespread acceptance in the offender monitoring profession.


Android, iPhone



Global Market Development Center (GMDC) regularly hosts conferences for its members and realized that a mobile app would make their conferences more efficient. They wanted to create mobile applications for Android and iOS. The mobile app provides contact information, makes appointments, categorizes members and searches for decision makers.


Android, iPad, iPhone



The Behavior Intervention Monitoring Assessment System 2 (BIMAS-2™) is a web application that measures the social, emotional, and behavioral functioning in children and adolescents in K-12 schools.

The UX Design team at Woodridge took the existing BIMAS tool and rethought how it should be built from the teacher and school administrators’ perspective. The original system required 20 to 30 clicks to generate some reports. Woodridge’s design and development team reduced most items to 1 or 2 clicks, making BIMAS-2 much easier to use and navigate.




Woodridge used their experience with Bluetooth and Android Studio to build the application and SDK side by side for AirTurn’s Digit III remote control and PED foot pedal.

Woodridge also added the Android application to the Google Play Store for AirTurn’s Android users.



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