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SemiDot InfoTech provides outstanding Mobile Apps and Web Solutions for Startups, SMB’s and other Enterprises. We are situated in UK, Australia, USA and India. Meet World’s coolest team which fuels your software needs through latest cutting edge IT Technologies. SemiDot strives for excellence and we deliver what you imagine!


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Jitow is a video ONLY Instant messaging app that enables you to FREELY send and receive instant messages from your friends and family and at the same time share Live Video Moments AKA ‘Scoops’ of your day to day activities with all your friends and family.

$ 30000 to 50000

dec  2016

Once -A special period tracker

Once -A special period tracker

There are too many things for girls to enjoy, but care about at the same time.
If you want to make your 20s as enjoyable as it can be, find ‘Once’!
This app is perfect for those of you who don’t want to miss a thing, be it your beauty, health, or love.

Be ready to boost your attractiveness with ‘Once’!

$ 32000 to 45000

oct  2015

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Review by - Marina J.

How did you find out about this company?

I was referred by a friend for Semidot Infotech.

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Did you have some documents like wireframes ready or you just had an idea when you approached this company?

I shared my ideas with their team and we had several discussions to finalize the exact requirements. Team helped in creating the proposal & wireframes for my idea.

How was the first few interaction with this company, did you find anything interesting in first few interactions that helped you decided on hiring this company?

I was totally attracted by their professionalism and proper understanding of project. After our first meeting I was convinced by their skills and decided to go with.

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