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Rapidops Inc. is one of the fastest-growing digital strategy, transformation, and innovation companies in the USA. Being in this business for 13+ years, Rapidops has partnered with leading companies of all shapes and sizes to transform their businesses by leveraging the power of technologies like mobile, cloud, analytics, AI/ML, and IoT. They have launched around 210 products and have helped 430+ clients to unlock and monetise their digital opportunities.

Their client catalogue spans multiple industries and includes innovative start-ups and Fortune 500 enterprises. Rapidops helps these clients unlock and monetize their digital opportunities, achieve better scalability and efficiency, or drive profitability by delivering tailored digital platforms, experiences, and automation.

Our services:

-Digital Transformation
-Digital Strategy
-Digital Experiences
-Data Analytics
-DevOps Automation


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Enabling digital evolution in manufacturing

Enabling digital evolution in manufacturing

Our client is one of America's largest manufacturers and distributors of commercial hardware products such as doors, door frames, access control devices, etc. The operations were massively distributed and the client was facing the daunting challenge of integrating, standardizing, and automating their fragmented, ad-hoc, and often paper-based processes.

We analyzed the client’s enterprise systems, architectures, and technical implementations to engineer a platform that orchestrated and integrated their disjointed business and data systems. This removed the roadblocks to reshape the client’s business.

Together with the client team, we built a digital foundation that will help shape the future of their business. With automation, digitization, and integration of operational processes, the client has realized cost savings, operational efficiencies, and improved customer experiences.

Grocery shopping with a voice-assistant

Grocery shopping with a voice-assistant

Our client, a national retail giant, wanted to make grocery shopping simple and contextual for its millions of customers. They partnered with us to build the first voice-enabled grocery shopping assistant.

We designed and built an AI-powered voice assistant that allows millions of consumers to fill up their shopping carts with the items they need and order them without having to stop what they are doing - just with their voice. We were able to save them time, pain, and trips to the stores.

After the successful MVP, we rolled out the voice assistant in 10+ markets, reaching millions of customers. Within a few weeks of launch, the client realized massive growth as the customers started using voice commands and ultimately got an excellent shopping experience.

Last Mile Automation

Last Mile Automation

Our client is one of America's largest manufacturers. With thousands of deliveries each day, the client had the challenge of tracking and sorting physical copies of delivery documents from the delivery, quality assurance, and production units.

The client partnered with Rapidops to transform and digitize the end-to-end last-mile delivery operations, including loading, dispatch planning, fleet management, real-time monitoring, and proof of delivery.

After thorough research, our team mapped out both current and next-gen processes and prepared a transformation roadmap for the most advanced and paperless last-mile delivery platform, which automated manual work, boosted margins, and improved delivery experience.

By automating the entire last-mile delivery process, including proof of delivery, the client realized a significant boost in logistics operational efficiency while enhancing flexibility and interoperability.

Delivering personalized patient care experience

Delivering personalized patient care experience

The client wanted to design and deliver a mobile-first and HIPAA compliant MSK recovery platform to improve patients’ participation in their recovery with hyper-personalized education and connected care.

With insights into what the end-user needs and client wants to achieve, we defined the platform opportunity, user expectations, and overall execution strategy.

Rapidops's engineering team developed a cloud-native and multi-tenant platform architecture. We implemented many patterns such as microservices, API-first, Content Delivery Network (CDN), and containerization to make the platform scalable, reliable, and extendable. We carefully picked the modern tech stack that is fast, agile, cost-effective, and aligned with the core platform needs.

In the first six months, the internet-enhanced home physical therapy platform has helped orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, and athletic trainers to serve 2000+ patients and facilitated them to recover faster. We received raving reviews from each patient.

Transforming managed-printing with digital & IoT

Transforming managed-printing with digital & IoT

The client’s entire business was heavily dependent on legacy ERP systems, and replacing them was not an option. Without any documentation, it was a daunting task to build on top of this beast.

The company has deployed thousands of printer devices at customer sites. Each device could emit millions of logs which could be used to automate the manual processes, it would require a massively scalable digital platform to collect, analyze, and monetize this Internet of Things (IoT) opportunity.

Within two weeks and ad-hoc analysis, our team figured out the data model of the client's legacy ERP system. We came up with a strategy to orchestrate it for building new digital services. The client is able to automate processes and improve customer experiences - which were not possible until now.

Building the world’s best sales operating system – Salesmate

Building the world’s best sales operating system – Salesmate

The Salesmate team wanted us to build a sales operating system that enables every business to organize, automate, and optimize their sales and customer journey, their way. It needed to power every frontline sales team to engage prospects, win more deals, automate busy work, and improve their performance.

We designed the technology, architecture, databases, and APIs that allowed us to deliver the MVP in 12 weeks without compromising flexibility and extendibility. There were more than 200+ configurable features such as custom modules, custom fields, security roles, permission, etc.

Salesmate has grown into a multi-million-dollar revenue platform, won multiple industry awards, and achieved an NPS of 91. The customers love using it to transform the way modern businesses grow their revenue and customer relationships.

Transforming online grocery shopping

Transforming online grocery shopping

Customers needed a fast, integrated, and intuitive shopping experience across all channels - mobile, web, and stores - that aligns with their grocery shopping habits.

We worked with the client’s team to devise an aggressive omnichannel strategy and roadmap to build the eBusiness platform and transform all existing customer-facing channels. The platform integrated 20+ legacy and third-party systems to offer 400+ cross-channel digital and analytics services through a reusable Omnichannel API platform. We displaced multiple internal systems and launched new digital products and services with marginal cost and effort.

We picked cutting-edge open-source technologies and agile practices to deliver a strong technical and process-based foundation that allowed the client to grow their e-commerce presence by leaps and bounds.

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