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Metova builds apps for any size company, from Fortune 500 to start-ups. We enjoy helping start-ups become brand names and corporations launch new products.


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DocNow: Live Doctor Visits, 24/7

DocNow: Live Doctor Visits, 24/7

DocNow by HealthTap is the world’s first “Affordable-Care App!”
Instant, 24/7 access to doctors with just a tap!

Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio

Metova helped design, develop, and deploy the Slacker Radio app to millions of users on BlackBerry and iPad. Slacker continues to be one of our most loyal customers, coming back to us year after year for updates and new platform support.



eHarmony is one of the world's largest online dating communities. Metova developed their Android app, and later worked in tandem with eHarmony's internal development team as part of ongoing support and maintenance.



iMemories is a cloud-based service that puts a lifetime of memories at your fingertips. Metova developed the Android and iOS apps, working closely with iMemories designers to implement a pixel-perfect UI and simple user experience.

WESCO Data Center Application

WESCO Data Center Application

Minimizing risk, reducing costs and increasing revenue in the data center begins with the right infrastructure. WESCO gets what you need, from industry-leading solutions to world-class supply chain services. Our Data Center Application brings you the latest technology, industry news, white papers, spec sheets and videos to help you keep your data center running smoothly and prepared for new technologies.



PGi's mobile meeting apps enable people to join or host an audio or web conference while they're on the move. Metova's developers continue to collaborate with PGi's internal web services team and designers to deliver a quality conference experience to mobile devices.

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How did you find out about this company?

We got to know about Metova from our business networking group. As we were searching for a company they referred us about Metova.

Overall Rating:

Did you have some documents like wireframes ready or you just had an idea when you approached this company?

As we focused on product alternatives and also on easier development and maintenance we needed another solution for the demanding needs of our customers. Some of our customers were moving to Cloud Solutions so we needed to build a cloud option for them.

How was the first few interaction with this company, did you find anything interesting in first few interactions that helped you decided on hiring this company?

During the initial stage of our communication in which we explained to them about our project and their responsiveness towards the project idea was quite impressive and on the basis of this and their performance we decided to hire them.

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