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Virtual Reality App for Fensterbau Frontale


Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR)

FieldOne Sky

FieldOne Sky

FieldOne products represent a scalable, secure, cloud-based enterprise platform that empowers teams of field service professionals to work more efficiently, creating rapid, measurable ROI. FieldOne native mobile application makes the service cycle portable, they simplify the information flow and enhance the efficiency among field service technicians and back office personnel.

SOS Pro by Automagi

SOS Pro by Automagi

SOS Pro is a SaaS solution that consists of a web part implementation and an Android app. The project application is detecting critical situations to ensure users security. The key feature of the project is that a specific map service is used for user location tracking. The service allows not only to locate the building where the user is at the moment, but also the floor, and even the room.

For the server part: LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySQL 5.1, PHP 5.4), JavaScript - jQuery 2.0, Bootstrap 3.0, SMS gateway from Clickatell, Google Maps, REST API, HTTPS
For the client Android part: Android SDK, Android support library, Eclipse, API, REST, JSON, HTTPS

Moomkin is the unique niche social network engine that unites the features of LinkedIn, Facebook and other popular social sites. It is aimed for professionals of Commonwealth of Independent States offering tools to create and manage user profiles, network of connections and ways for communication via internal messaging and live chat. Groups, Events, News can also be created and shared to stay connected.

nGinx web server, PHP5 (Yii framework, MVC/Modular architecture design), memchached, MySQL database engine, AJAX/jQuery UI, HTML5 and CSS3/Bootstrap (following browsers compatibility), Comet server (live chat), mobile applications API, Android, iOS, Adobe OCR API, oAuth and Social Sharing APIs, Authorize.NET payments, PDF generating

RocketRoute NEW

RocketRoute NEW is an on-line SaaS for European pilots providing them with all the tools important for a successful flight. Among others, those tools include the possibility for the pilot to plan and track their routes on the map, to exchange with the necessary data with the airports and controlling bodies (Eurocontrol), to get the weather forecasts, and many others. Here pilots also have to fill in sets of data forms, submit them to the controllers, track their route on the map. The service is provided on the subscription basis.

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