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Inoxoft is an international software development company with offices in Lviv, Tel Aviv and Philadelphia. Awarded as Top Web developers by Clutch, we empower our clients with tailor-made web and mobile solutions.

To deliver first-class software products, we build the world’s finest engineering teams that enable organizations, enterprises and companies to grow faster with the right talents by their side.

Web and mobile development services at Inoxoft go along with Discovery Phase and Quality Assurance. Inoxoft also provides Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning services to help businesses reach data-driven solutions and use AI effectively.

At Inoxoft you will meet certified teams that specialize in the world’s best software technologies which are Flutter, React Native, Python, .Net, React and Node.js.

Inoxoft fundamentals are work built on solid expertise, strong corporate culture and unity of people ready to contribute value. We aim to establish professional and fruitful corporations becoming reliable partners for our customers.

With more than 80 custom solutions realized, Inoxoft teams have considerable experience to offer. Their contribution is always a source of professional advice, creativity, and innovation that leads to profitable business ideas.


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Bfree Accounting

Bfree is an accounting application for companies in Sweden, providing a simple solution for digital, automated accounting. Bfree is a given choice for anyone who needs to track their receipts and incoming invoices without the added pain of manual data entry. Bfree does all of the work for you!

Just snap a picture and we’ll extract the vendor, total amount, payment methods, date, all the stuff you need basically, while at the same time categorizing the receipts into the right accounts. You also get a simple overview of your income, costs and result!

Our mobile application is linked to your personal account at, where all your accounting is kept, easily available on any computer, 24/7.

$ 8000

Android, iPhone


MoodCall - Daily Emotion Tracker


The rising star of the emotion recognition and machine learning company Beyond Verbal known for the multiple projects in the spheres of healthcare and neuropsychology addressed Inoxoft with a request to create an application that would track the emotions during the calls.


The voice recognition accompanied by the technology learning have already shown great results that may be potentially applied in the healthcare, call and service centers with the aim of tracking the efficiency of the operators and searching for more efficient marketing strategies. The request of Beyond Verbal stated an adjacent goal but this time it was more local. The idea was to create a personal tracker for the individual users. Right after installing an application, the user should see how the emotions change throughout the conversation.

The customer wanted the application to work on its own database for the analysis of the emotions. However, the main challenge for making the application was to create an interface that would not give a surplus of information. Instead, the user should have seen the analysis in an understandable manner. Thus, the great amount of recorded information should have been analyzed and, eventually, labeled by the application.

Initially, the program was projected as a background emotion tracker that would require minimal interaction with the users. Hence, the user did not have to bother manually launching the application or uploading the voice calls. The online streaming is not possible that is why it was important to manage the connection with the servers and the orientation on the


The most prominent feature of the application is that a user can track and share the results of the emotion analysis in social networks. Now it is possible to send the results to the friends and family simply connecting the application to the social network profiles.

Having a freedom to design the interface and the manner of information rendition, the Inoxoft specialists decided to transform the great loads of raw scientific data received after the analysis into a simple and smart chart that traces the emotions the user had having conversations with individual interlocutors.

The program deciphers between the four basic emotions: sadness, happiness, neutral (including calm and practical), and anger. The issues with the voice recognition were resolved with the introduction of the smart voice recognition technique that begins working from the very first seconds of a conversation. Right after you hang up the phone, the application counts the emotions and shows the percentage of the emotions you had during the conversation. It is possible to see the average emotional state for two days, one month, and twelve weeks as well as track the changes of the mood during the day.


The MoodCall resulted as a useful tool for analyzing the emotions during the phone conversations. Right after installation, the user can see how the mood changes throughout the conversation and share the emotions with the close people via social networks.
The product surprises the user with a set of pleasant features:

smart analysis result displaying
works on a background mode
requires minimal user engagement
the user can share the results in social networks
the application analyses all conversations no matter how short or long they are
it is possible to the change in mood in progression and percentage

The voice recognition and emotion analysis assist the users to track their emotional state and share the information with the others. Easy-to-use and laconic interface attracts with its simplicity meanwhile the smoothly rendered data makes the use comfortable. The MoodCall is a new word in the voice recognition that would enable a further study of the interpersonal communication, machine learning, and voice analysis.


R&L Consulting

Round-The-Clock Insurance Agent

Convenient Search For Necessary Insurance Data In One Mobile Application
Instant Access To Personal Insurance Plan
Use the utmost of Medical Insurance with an instant access to Personal Insurance Plan

The application is a mobile solution created to inform each ensured enterprise employee about the insurance details. Instead of addressing the insurer, each user can individually learn about the terms and conditions of insurance provision. Now, it’s possible to read the health insurance plan details such as the lists the authorized representatives, hospitals, and specialists.

# insurance data
# medical insurance app

Business Needs:

The client is the company that provides health insurance for corporate employees. The specificity of work lies in the terms of insurance provision: the company signs the contracts with the client company directors, not with each employee individually.


Since the health insurance contracts cover the medical expenses of the client’s employees, there is a need in an even information distribution. The main challenge was to create a consistent mobile application that would provide the employees with the necessary information concerning the terms and conditions of health insurance provision.


The application provides a wide range of opportunities for the insured. It indicates the health insurance plan, lists the authorized representatives, hospitals, and specialists. It also provides details on the annual health insurance limits per employee.


As a result, the client received an application with “one click principle ”, where an employee can:
View the list of cooperating hospitals
Check the conditions of health insurance provision
See the annual health insurance limits
Read the details on personal employee insurance conditions
Address the insurance agent for further information

The Broker app allows a wide audience of insured employees approach the insurance conditions and details via their mobile phones. This solution helped the users learn about the personal insurance information and the events it covers.

$ 12000

Android, iPhone



Chirpi streamlines the speed, accuracy, and security of wirelessly sharing personal contact information and social media network usernames. The mobile app has the following set of features:

Individual QR code and username
aggregates a wide range of social networks (LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Weibo)
Scans the code of other users
Contacts are stored in the app phonebook

$ 5000


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