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enmbl stands for Enable Mobile and we make mobile technology work for enterprises of any size. We build native mobile apps for both iOS and Android, cross platform apps, and custom web applications. We can work with enterprises of any size, and we have completed projects for as little as $1500.00 We are a 100% U.S. company, based in Ohio, and we're here to help you succeed with any tech project. Contact us anytime for a thorough evaluation of your needs.


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Confidential NDA Client (West Coast USA)

Recently, we completed an Android application overhaul for a client who found us on MobileDeveloper.net . While a binding Non-Disclosure Agreement is still in force, and we comply with it, we can share with you some of the problems we solved and some of the solutions we implemented.

The client came to us with a partially completed application he had originally contracted with an Asia-based freelance developer to build. That practice is risky for several reasons, and what was delivered to him from the freelancer did not have the all functionality he specified and, worse, it was operationally incompatible with at least half of the current Android phones available in the USA -- his intended core market.

Were we able to diagnose the problems and address the deficiencies with skilled, qualified developers who have the highest levels of Java and Android development expertise. The application's framework required a complete rebuild to meet Android best practices so that it could run reliably on all Android 6.0 devices and higher. We also wrote and implemented a new Android telephony library for the project to meet the app's specific needs for handling messages in SMS, MMS text, MMS Audio and MMS video formats.

$ 5000 to 15000

sept  2017


Confidential NDA Cllient (Midwest USA)

Recently we built a robust customer-facing web application to support hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users. The client contacted us early in the conceptual development process right here through MobileDeveloper.net .

We were able to help write the original specifications and prepare the client's team to begin a competitive bidding process, which we ultimately won. Because we were brought in early for consultation, the project was finished on time and within budget.

While we are bound by and still respect a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement, that is still in place, we can share general details of some of the technology and expertise we employed to help this startup: NodeJS, Angular 3, SMS, AWS Elastic Cloud 2.

One of the key achievements that resulted from our initial consultation was discovering cost reductions of nearly $100,000 in startup costs for the client. The client was so pleased with our advice and expertise that, immediately after we delivered the finished project, he offered us a new contract for ongoing IT consultation and support

$ 50000 to 150000

jan  2018

Android, iPad, iPhone, Mobile Websites

Wooster Transit System

The client needed a custom web application to enable active vehicle location with GPS, and display it on a customer-facing website for a fixed-route public shuttle service. While many other AVL by GPS solutions are available for vehicle tracking, our challenge was to create and implement an effective but inexpensive solution within a short time frame. The solution had to be optimized for shuttle riders to use on any mobile phone with a mobile data connection. We met the objectives with an off-the-shelf AVL-GPS integration in a custom-built JSON API and Google Maps services.

$ 2000 to 7500

feb  2018

Android, iPhone, Mobile Websites, Internet of Things

KLINE Home Exteriors

This iOS & Android app allows internal communications among the team via push notifications, allows field sales reps to demonstrate work the company has done -- with photos and videos -- and enables customers to "Ask A Pro" for an expert answer to any home renovation questions.

$ 2500 to 5000

sept  2016

Android, iPhone

Flamingo Jack's Food Truck

This cross platform iOS/Android app allows Flamingo Jack's Food Truck to do five important things: (1.) Send instant messages to all their customers (2.) Send mobile coupons to all their customers (3.) Run a mobile loyalty rewards program (4.) Put their menu on all their customers' phones (5.) Enable tap-to-find and tap-to-call.

$ 1000 to 2500

sept  2016

Android, iPad, iPhone

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