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We expertise in designing and developing contemporary mobile apps using leading technologies. Our services include Mobile App Development, Web Development, Augmented Reality and Digital Marketing.
Our strategy involves Planned Consulting, Innovative Designing, and Implementation of technical procedures.
From the get go we are your brilliant design studio, your high-end development team, your strategic business consultant and your marketing advisor - all packed into one.
We are innovators!
We are not your run-of-the-mill app developer. From the get go we are your brilliant design studio, your high-end development team, your strategic business consultant and your marketing advisor - all packed into one.


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My NovoMix 30

My NovoMix 30

The app is intended for patients initiating on NovoMix™ 30 in India and serves as a patient education tool. It provides video tutorial on FlexPen® and NovoPen® 4 along with guidance on how to use NovoMix™30.The app also includes general information on diabetes management.

dec  2016

Android, iPad, iPhone



Bykehound is a Mobile application when combined with the equipment unit can be utilized to track, screen and protect your two-wheeler from wherever whenever. Conceptualized and created by BMS Innolabs, which one of the main and inventive organizations in the tech business. With continuous following and choice to immobilize your Two-wheeler when stolen, Bykehound is a keen security framework for Two-wheeler that goes for conveying the perfect innovation arrangements round the clock.

may  2016

Android, iPad, iPhone, Internet of Things

India Street Racing

Rev up your engines, let the adrenaline pump and get ready for a cross country racing experience.

Welcome to India Street Racing where you hit the pedal and race across gorgeous locales of India. You are left with your mean machines, speed and wits and you are let loose with your opponents who would want nothing more than making you a road-kill. It's up to you and your trusty speed demon to find your way to the top.

Burn rubber and make your mark on the asphalts of Kerala, Karnataka, Chennai, Himachal, Delhi, Rajesthan, Mumbai/Maharashtra ,Tamilnadu.
A wide range of drool-worthy super cars at your disposal.
Use your wits along with your ride's Nitrous feature to leave your opponents in the rubble.
The only rule of India Street Racing: There are no rules!
Do what it takes to win the race. Drift, Drag, Boost and ram your opponents to debris.


feb  2016

Android, iPad, iPhone


A Comprehensive pet app which helps you keep track of your pet and cater to all day to day needs of your pets

One stop solution for all your pets needs and requirements.

The first of its kind app that brings together all solutions needed for pet lovers in one place


Pet Profile: Create a personalized profile for your pets! You'll never have to worry about missing vaccinations or appointments! TailTales reminds you.

Services: From Vets, Pet Supplies, to Grooming and many more. The client can find all kinds of pet services closest to them.

Blood Donation: Want to help or need help? The client can choose to let their pet be a Blood Donor or find a donor when in need!

july  2017

Android, iPhone

Legato App - Find Lawyers

Legato App - Find Lawyers

Search, Select, Consultation over a Call or Book appointment with the Lawyers

Have any legal hassles that has been troubling you lately? Worry not, because all you need to do now is download our mobile app. We have a curated list of expert legal and tax professionals available on-demand. You will be able to talk to experienced lawyers from various categories through our technologically advanced mobile app.

You just need to book the time slot of the respective Lawyers and Tax professionals, based on his/her availability and you are ready to get consultation over a call. You can further book his/her appointment as well for face to face meeting. and solve any legal issues you have. Our technology platform will enable you to sort your legal queries seamlessly.

aug  2017

Android, iPhone

Discover Karnataka

Discover Karnataka

Karnataka is a tapestry of colours, cultures, flavours, landscapes, timelessness and heart stopping beauty. The Discover Karnataka mobile app provides a list of tourist places of all districts of Karnataka state. Experience the history and beauty that resides in Karnataka's land and its nature.

dec  2016

Android, iPhone

PlanetAR - Alphabets and Numbers

PlanetAR - Alphabets and Numbers

Searching for a fun approach to coordinate technology and breathe life into learning for your toddler? Planet AR Alphabets and Numbers is an instructive and interactive amusement for little children. Now with Flashcards, learning the alphabets and numbers will be entertaining!! These flashcards are not just conventional glimmer cards-they contain Augmented Reality implanted in each card.

Pair the app with Planet AR Alphabets and numbers flashcard and experience the new approach of learning which adds liveliness to the regular world as it exists. Get the Planet AR application on both Google Play and App Store.

Planet AR Alphabets and Numbers package comprises of 36 augmented flashcards (26 alphabet cards and 10 number cards) including a bonus card.
Planet AR advances innovative, self-learning, and creative ability. It improves the vocabulary through a fun round of learning alphabets and numbers.

july  2017

Android, iPad, iPhone

NMG Play

NMG Play is an Augmented Reality application that engages users with Daily Nation, Business Daily, The East African and Nairobi News newspapers.

The application allows newspaper readers to watch video clips of specific stories on the newspaper just by scanning a video icon embedded on the specific story using the NMG Play application.

This enhances news consumption as the reader is able to read and watch news simultaneously.

This application also provides a QR Reader that the user can use to read any QR data by just scanning the QR code.

To make it more interactive, the app also provides the SUDOKU gaming platform.

oct  2013

Android, iPhone

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