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Newsstand covers the latest news from the world to be featured magazines and newspaper. people prefer to read the news via apps rather than purchasing expensive newspapers and magazines nowadays. newsstand covers the news from the politics, entertainment, fashion and style, history, movies and music, science, technology, business and other prolific and important news for local and residents around the world. the newsstands informs users around the world with notifications and alerts whenever an important incident happens and keeps you updated. the apps are also on store which keep user informed in case of important accidents and incidents in city or around the globe and so you can ask about the safety on your near and dear ones. voting and other important activities can also be carried out using newsstand apps. the poll can be used to verdict the decision of the voters. the mobile newsstand consists of pictures and videos with news which is an attractive way to delight customers. the newsstand apps are now more user friendly and close to what customer expects.