Top Mobile App Development Companies In Lithuania - 2021

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List of Top Mobile App Development Companies Lithuania | (Android, iPhone and iOS)

Since 2007, Altabel Group has been providing advanced software development services and IT consulting for a wide range of clients starting from innovative startups, SMBs to larger IT consultancies and industry leaders. Altabel Group's expertise covers an extensive list of technologies starting from general-purpose technologies, such as .Net, Java, Web (PHP/Nodejs/Python, JavaScript/ React/Angular/Vue), mobile apps development (Obj C/Swift, Java/Kotlin, React Native/Ionic/Flutter ), QA and testing, up to more complex and trendy things as Augmented and Virtual Reality apps, Machine learning / AI, Big Data and IoT as well as science-intensive projects. For more information, please, contact us at


  Vilnius, Vilnius County, Lithuania


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