Why you should develop a Podcast app

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Today we have been listening to a lot of Podcasts. The chances of people listening to content is  more than reading a whole big article. It’s easy for people to listen and enjoy the podcast content while driving or doing some other activity. So, if you are thinking of developing a podcast app, it's the right time. According to research the global podcasting market size was valued at USD 9.28 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 27.5% from 2020 to 2027.

What is a Podcast?

A form of digital audio files that are broadcast over the internet and can be downloaded. The easy accessibility of podcasts makes it the popular choice among people to listen while performing different tasks in their day to day activity. A podcast can be regarding anything and people with similar interests can come together. 

Advantages of using Podcast

Well today it's important for brands to reach their audiences through various ways and connect to them. So, what could be the benefit of building a podcast app? Let’s see -

1. Establish a personal connection

In the digital age, personalization is the key factor for creating a successful brand marketing strategy. The podcast content will help to build a personal connection with the audience.

2. Convenient to use

Apps are an important part of people's day to day life. Today people use apps to perform most of the activities. A good podcast application provides a great user experience to the audiences and is more organized than a website. It’s convenient for listeners to listen to the whole content with multiple tasking.

3. Engaging for audience

With your own podcasting app you can create some premium content which is very engaging for the audience. It will lead the audience to explore more of your content. When the user has a great experience they get more engaged with your content and brand and thus promote it to others and bring more traffic. 

4. Build brand identity

In the digital age building your brand authority keeps you ahead in the competition. It’s all about perception. How your audiences perceive your brand and its value can significantly increase by creating your own podcast app.


Monetization ways for Podcast apps

- In app advertising    

The most common way of making money for an app is through in-app advertising. Showcasing videos and images of brands on your podcast app platform will earn you good money. According to a research, 54% of listeners are more likely to purchase a product they heard about from a podcast ad, while 48% said that they paid more attention to advertising done on podcasts.

- Subscription based

Once you have an audience who likes to visit your podcast and would come again to explore new content. So, you can have a subscription model for such audiences. You need to keep producing some unique content to keep them hooked so that they keep coming back to your podcast. 

- Premium

If you have some serious loyal audience you can offer them with a premium subscription so that they can experience uninterrupted listening. You can give them first access to the latest and trending podcast content on your app.

podcast app content


For Creating a Podcast app you should know about a few things

1. Have a Clear Purpose

You should have a complete understanding as to why you want to produce podcast content, why you are investing your time, energy and resources in it. All the themes of your podcast episode should follow a purpose. 

2. Right Topic

There are many topics which are discussed in podcasts. But, you should be able to select the right topic for your podcast. It’s very important. Come up with an idea for your show which adds to your purpose of the podcast. 

3. Audience

If you want to run a successful podcast episode, the most important thing is to figure out who your target audience is. Without understanding your audiences, you could fail to connect with them even with your best content ideas. So, knowing about your audience will help you to take steps in the right direction.

4. MVP

Before deciding on the final app feature you need to create MVP. This will help app owners and developers to get the idea of what the users think about it. After collecting the feedback you can make the necessary changes to the app. 

Feature to include in your Podcast app 


- User Profile

This allows users to set up their account profile with details about their choice for listening content, the podcast categories they like etc.

- Quick search

The search search feature will let users find the relevant content from your app library. You can also add the in-audio search feature so that users can search the library through words itself.

 - Offline access 

 The podcast need not be accessed only when the user is online. Give your users access to listen to podcasts even when they don’t have internet connection.

- Library 

 Through this section your users can keep a tab of their favorite podcast, new episodes, continue to watch, download etc. 



Podcast apps can be a great platform to target the niche audiences that are not usually found on other platforms. You can create unique content for such audiences and build your brand and make money. A great way where people can interact and share their thoughts and experiences. In the coming years we are definitely going to see a huge rise in podcast listening.

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