What are the common App Development Mistakes?

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The mobile app market is adopting various devices as more and more people are using mobile phones, tablets and other devices due to which the app industry is growing at a rapid speed. According to a research, the global mobile application market size was valued at $106.27 billion in 2018, and projected to reach $407.31 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 18.4% from 2019 to 2026 thing task for app developers. 

People are using apps every day to perform various tasks.The ecommerce industry is driving the growth of the mobile app market along with health & fitness and gaming apps. It has become more important for app owners and developers to create apps that users would love to use.

So, what an app must have is great functionality, features, and amazing user experience across various devices to make it popular among the users. So, if you want to make a successful app then read the following points.

Common App Development mistakes to avoid

1. Too many features

This is one of the most common app development mistakes. Don't confuse your users with too many functionalities.The users might feel lost when you add too many features and may end up deleting the app. So, identify the important features you need in your app, don't stuff your app with useless features. Adding too many features may affect the app load and its working. Include your app with important features so that the app can run smoothly.

2. Lack of research about User's need

Before you jump into developing the app you should research what your users want. If business owners think that they already know about their users' needs, your efforts might go in vain if the app is not appreciated by the user. To build a successful app you should conduct a thorough research and know about your users behaviour, their demographics, their requirements, their concern points and then come up with a solution through your app.

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3. Inappropriate UI/UX Design

While developing the app sometimes there is not enough attention given to the app design. Poor UI/UX of the app. Even if you develop an app which is technically good but doesn't offer users a smooth experience, they are most likely not going to use the app. When a user opens an app they expect a smooth navigation, enjoyable experience and the functionalities that are easy to understand. Too much creativity can also hinder the experience of the user while operating the app. Create a design that can be easily accessed on all the screens with simple navigation.

4. Insufficient testing

Launching your app without proper testing can lead to problems that would be difficult to handle later. During the process of development of the app with the proper testing and quality standards one can avoid such mistakes. Testing should be performed on all levels of the development cycle. Some of the issues and bugs are only detected while testing, also the user experience about the UI of the app can only be checked during testing. You can take the corrective measures at the right time and increase the chances of success of your app.

5. No proper Budget plan

Developing a mobile app and launching it successfully requires lots of effort. You need to have a detailed budget for the stages of the app development cycle including marketing, updates etc.Though everything can't be anticipated, you can have a general plan if any situation arises. So, it is advisable to develop a detailed budget plan before the start of the development process and follow it.

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6. Not enough efforts on Marketing

Well building a great mobile app is one thing and generating profit from it is completely another. There will be no point of launch of the app if it does not reach the target audience. Many businesses spend a lot of time and money for the development of an app but due to lack of marketing efforts the app goes unnoticed by the audience. There are many apps which are downloaded every day in the app store, you need to have an effective promotion strategy taking into account the latest trends inorder to make users download your app. Make sure to give equal importance to user retention and user acquisition in your strategy. An app is successful only when it has both high downloads and high customer retention.

7. Not working on Feedback and Updates

The app development process is a continuous process, it does not end with the launch of the app. An app needs regular updates. The app needs bug fixes, new features to make it adapt with the changing trends. User feedback is an easy way to monitor the performance of your app. The feedback and reviews of your users will help you to create the future roadmap for your app for updates and introducing new features. Only by constantly working on your app with regular updates according to user needs and latest trends can you maintain the success of the app in the long run.


Mobile app development is a complex process and most of the mistakes of the app development process can be avoided by working with proper planning and attention. So it's important to find the right company who can work keeping in mind all the aspects of the development cycle and objective of the project.

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