Ways to create effective Dashboard design

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Innovative and interactive app designs play a key role for getting the app popular among the users. User experience is one of the most important aspects that need to be emphasized at the time of designing the dashboard for the app. A good application dashboard is aimed by all the development teams as if the app is disliked by the users, they are not going to use the app.

For designing a great dashboard it's important to have an understanding of logic and strategic thinking to provide a dashboard that delivers information to users in a smooth way. With the increasing number of apps people are definitely going to see more innovative dashboard design.

What is a Dashboard?

Dashboard is a screen which displays useful information. It provides an overview of the key features of the app with paths to explore the features of the app. Designing a dashboard requires an approach in which you organize data, visualization and according to the users requirement provide an interactive display.      

Dashboard provides users an overview of the complex data with further access to different sets of functions. Designing matters as it will be about how your users interpret the information and take action.

Ways to create effective UI for Dashboard

1. Understand what your Target Users Expect

The first and the most important step in designing a dashboard is to know and understand who your audience is. A thorough research should be conducted because it will help you to know what your target users expect. You have to think from their user's point of view, because they are the one who would be using the app. Through the dashboard you must be able to present the data in a simple, clear and approachable way so that the users can come to a logical understanding of the app functionalities.

2. Have a Clear End Goal

All your efforts in designing an app should be focused on the predefined set of goals. With defined goals you should focus on designing keeping in mind the users needs. Keeping your end goals in mind you can focus on problem solving to design a successful dashboard design which makes it easy for users to understand and perform the task.

3. Keep it Simple and Clean

Dashboards should be used to display main information, so it should be simple and easy to understand. Sorting the information is really important. You can put all the information on the dashboard. With the help of filters users can sort information, it improves the dashboard's usability while maintaining the overall look of the dashboard.

color theme in dashboard


4. Consistent Design and Color theme

The ultimate aim of a dashboard is to present all the important elements at a single glance.To make that possible, labeling the relative metrics and formatting has to be consistent. If your mobile application does not have a consistent dashboard, there are high chances of confusion and boredom. 

Always remember, a dashboard is not only about correct data but also about presentation. It is equally important to consider the consistency of design in language, format, and color scheme. Moreover, a clear and easy-to-navigate dashboard is expected by a user at all times.


4. Use Information Architecture

When designing a dashboard you should strategically position all the elements and information on your dashboard. The structure and the order of the elements should be logical so that there is a smooth navigation. Dashboard represents all the important information, so prioritize the important elements and place them accordingly.

graphic representation in dashboard


5. Data driven Dashboard

It's not wrong to say that data visualization is intended to be more than visual treat. It should serve the target of representing specific facts more efficiently as compared to the tabular format. It is always beneficial to have a deep understanding of what kind of charts or any visual diagrammatic expression of the dashboard would help the user to feel more comfortable while navigating through your app's interface.

To Sum up

Dashboard design is a way to communicate important information to the users in a simple way. The dashboard should be designed in a logical flow so that the user can smoothly find the way to necessary data and information. If you want to design something that provides users with great experience then, check out the experienced UI/UX designers.

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