Top Healthcare App Ideas for Startups

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Today, people are using smart technological solutions to modernize their way of living. Healthcare sector is also changing rapidly by adapting technology and providing various modern apps for health solutions. There are many apps that are available in the market that are helping people in managing and living a healthy life.

Many new startups are entering the market to offer advanced medical healthcare applications that are useful for people in their day to day life. With the advance technology today various healthcare apps can be created that are useful and provide a great experience to users.

According to a report, the global mHealth apps market size is expected to reach USD 149.3 billion by 2028 and is expected to register a CAGR of 17.7% . There is an increasing demand for medical health applications as they are helpful in improving lifestyles, management of symptoms, track health and more. For a startup, there are many great healthcare app ideas through which you can successfully enter the flourishing mhealth market.

Innovative Healthcare and Medical app ideas

1. Online Consultation and Appointment app

Since the pandemic there has been an increase in the demand of on demand healthcare apps. Immediate online consultation proved very useful for many people during the pandemic. Healthcare apps that can provide online consultation are very helpful.

Guidance of doctors, other specialized experts is of main importance for online consultation apps. These apps let users get the help of the professionals when required. These apps also allow people to make appointments with less effort and time.

ZocDoc is an example of an online appointment app, where users can connect to various healthcare providers and instantly schedule appointments .

2. Medication and Health Reminder app

Many people forget and don't pay enough attention to take their medications and go for checkups. Health and Medication reminder apps can help people to take medicines on time and take care of their health on a day to day basis. For example, Medisafe is an app that helps people to take medication.

The app can notify people to take medicines, reminder for medicines to buy, visit doctor for checkup and much more. The app can also remind people to drink water, eat food at timely intervals. With the latest technology, many advanced features can be added to make the app more useful for people.

3. Personal Medical Record app

For a patient, it's important to keep their medical record organized. In the personal medical record app, people can enter their personal health records and share them with experts for consultation. It’s helpful for doctors to study the health record of a patient and then plan and suggest a treatment based on that. It also saves a lot of time for both user and doctor and actions are also taken quickly.        

Healow is an example of a health record management app. It provides user immediate access to healthcare records, and facilitates better communication between doctors and patients

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4. Emotional Wellness app

Being healthy is not just about physical fitness but also mental fitness. Emotional wellbeing is very vital for people to be healthy. In today’s fast paced life people suffer with a lot of emotional issues like depression, anger, anxiety, stress and more.

An app for emotional health issues could be useful for people to deal with their issues. Through the app the users can also attend online therapy sessions which could be helpful for many people.

5. On Demand Medicine Delivery app

The pandemic has led to an increase in the demand for medicine delivery apps. People can order medicines online sitting at their homes, without wasting their time in the store. It’s convenient for people to look for medicines, check availability and order medicines and receive them at their doorsteps.

People can upload prescriptions which is useful for people to get the exact prescribed medicines easily. We will see more demand for such apps in the coming years.

6. Workout and Diet Planner app

People wish to stay fit by doing workout and taking proper diet. Apps that guide people for routine workout and diet plan are more in demand globally. According to research, the fitness app market around the globe is expected to reach $15.59 billion by 2028.

There will be increasing demand for the diet and fitness app in the coming years. You can develop a solution that helps people to stay fit and to monitor the process you can include a GPS feature in the app.


7. General Health Checkup app

Many people suffer from diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes, pulse etc. and they need to keep track of their health on a regular basis. General health checkup apps can be used by patients as a health tracker tool to keep check on their medical condition. It will allow people to take the proper action required at the right time based on their results.

Ada and uCheck are examples of self test apps and the demand for these apps will keep increasing in the future.


To sum up

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