Progressive Web Apps are the future of Mobile web

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Mobile devices have taken over many other devices. People are spending more and more time on their smartphones. According to Statistia, the number of smartphone users in 2021 is estimated to reach 3.8 billion worldwide. This is over 50% of the entire global population. Businesses are adapting the new technologies which are mobile friendly to increase their presence and provide their users with great user experience. Progressive Web Applications(PWA) are best to target users. The progressive web applications are bringing the revolution and their demand is increasing rapidly.

What is Progressive Web App?

Progressive Web Applications are solutions that are built with web technologies. They can be  opened through a web browser and can work on any platform. They are built quickly and less expensive as compared to native apps. PWA offers the user a mobile experience similar to the native apps. Progressive web apps are opened on the web browser and can work offline which makes them easy for users to access.

Key Statistics for PWS

  • According to a study by Top 30 PWAs report, PWA’s have 36% higher conversion rates than native apps. 

  • Progressive web apps have 50% higher customer engagement. 

  • PWSs cost 3-4 times less than native mobile apps 

  • Progressive web apps cost 33% less to maintain

  • PWS can be upto 90% smaller than native apps

Advantages of Progressive Web Apps

Budget friendly development


A. Easy and Budget friendly development

To develop PWA apps there's no need to write code for all the different platforms. The same code can work on multiple platforms. This reduces the cost of development to a great extent and is also developed in less time. The cost of maintenance of these apps is also less as compared to native apps. PWA offers great user experience according to the latest standards. They offer native app-like experiences with all the functionalities. That’s the reason why most of the startups and small businesses prefer to develop PWA.

B. Available even Offline

The PWA apps are accessible offline which is an important feature. At the time of online access the information is stored and can be accessed without internet connectivity. The offline feature is possible for service workers. Service workers are Javascript files that provide flexible experience. 

PWA development

C. Increased conversion rates with quick loading

Progressive web apps are easy for users as they allow instant access. Unlike native apps, where a user's first visits the app stores and then makes a decision to download based on the reviews and ratings. There are also chances that people may overlook your apps due to factors like negative reviews, better competitor apps etc. While in PWA apps, users can go through them instantly and serve their purpose. It gives a huge boost in the conversion rate of progressive web apps. For example - Pinterest: The company saw a boost in customer engagement rates by more than 40%, ad revenue also generated by 44%, and the core engagement value enhanced by 60%.

The app loading speed depends on the internet connectivity. Native apps take a longer time to download due to the size and low connectivity factors. PWA have an edge here as they are small in size and perform well even with low connectivity on different platforms.

D. Improved SEO

PWA are opened on the browser so the content used in the progressive web apps also contribute to SEO. Factors like security, loading time, content relevance, and uniqueness are considered by SEO. Twitter saw more than 60% increase in pages per session and more than 70 % increase in Tweets. The size of their app was reduced by 97%. With the high competition, improved results in the SEO will bring relevant traffic to your site and increase your presence online.

To Conclude

With the growing use of smartphones to access the internet, it will be right to say that the progressive web apps are the future for mobile web designing. If you are a startup, PWA is the most suitable solution. Other businesses who aim at increasing their reach and user engagement on the web can benefit greatly from these apps. 

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