New iOS 15 Updates and Features

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Release of a major update iOS 15, packaged with new features and tools for developers to design and develop futuristic apps. Opening doors to new opportunities, but at the same time some new challenges also. The businesses can update to the new changes and deliver the best user experience and keep an edge on their competitors. 

Apple has brought quality updates, interface changes and some new features for its apps. Facetime calls, new notification experience, more privacy features, identify items in photos, focus, redesign for safari, weather and maps, and more.


New Features coming to iOS 15

Sharing with FaceTime

Apple is bringing new changes to its video calling service by adding spatial audio to facetime. It will make the audio sound come from the appropriate position from where the person is on the screen. The new microphone also features a separate user’s voice from the  background noise.

New feature of portrait mode is available for FaceTime designed specifically for video calls. The user would be able to blur the background and put themselves in focus. There is also a new grid view which enables participants to see more faces at the same time. SharePlay lets users share their experience including songs, tv shows or movies with friends without leaving the chat.  Now you can create links from apple devices and anyone with the link can join the FaceTime call from the Android and Window devices.

apple focus


New Notifications control

Notifications have been given a new look in iOS 15, with larger app icons and adding contact photos for people. Notification summary collects notifications to deliver at the right time and arrange according to the priority.

Focus, a new feature that helps to filter notifications and apps lets users focus on what they want and reduce distractions. Users can set custom Focus status, availability, notifications and arrange the apps and widgets. When you once set a Focus on one Apple device, it automatically applies to other Apple devices.  

apple maps



Apple maps are getting better with new 3D views and enhanced details, showing 3D buildings, bus lines, sidewalks and more. There is also a new driving driving user interface with rod details and improved transit feature. Users can pin favourite lines, get notified when to disembark, and walking direction in augmented reality.

Apple Wallet

Wallet app in iOS 15 adds new key types, particularly handy for homes, hotels, offices. There is also a digital identity card which will be airport security checkpoints.

apple live text


Live Text

Apple has now improved recognition capability.The new Live text feature uses on-device intelligence to recognize text in a photo which users can use to search. Spotlight now offers search of photos by location, people,scene or objects and text. Spotlight also offers web image search and rich results for actors, musicians, TV shows and movie. Improved search results for contacts show recent conversation, shared photos and location if shared through Find My. The updated Photos now have a interactive interface and integration with Apple Music which uses device intelligence to personalize song suggestion.

Privacy Features

Apple has introduced more privacy measures for user privacy. By default, audio of Siri request is processed directly on iPhone and improving its performance. Mail Privacy Protection to stop senders from knowing if the email has been opened and hide IP address to learn users location. App Privacy Report shows how apps use the permission granted to them.



Well there are many new features coming to this iOS 15 release and it increases the expectation of what they will get in an app. It will be good for businesses to utilize the advanced technology in their app and improve their services. Check out the top iOS app development companies on our site, they keep themselves updated with all the changes and provide robust solutions according to the business needs.

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