Importance of App Store Optimization for App Marketing

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Smartphones have become our inseparable companions.. With the use of different apps many new technologies have become part of our lives. With the number of new innovative apps flooding app stores it's challenging to grab the attention of potential users. For this purpose App Store Optimization (ASO) came into focus. The ASO process helps in improving the visibility within the app store and helps in increasing app conversion rates.

Why App Store Optimization is important?

The two major crowded App Stores with 3.14 million apps on Google Play and 2.09 on Apple Store, it takes more than luck to get your app discovered by the customers.

If we see how marketers use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for websites to compete for higher ranking on google search results similarly app developers use App Store Optimization to get their app in the top search results in the app store and ensure that is seen by the relevant users. The App Store Optimization not only helps in app downloads but it also increases the brand visibility, audience engagement and positive reviews and ratings.

One of the best things about ASO is that with a good strategy your organic installs will increase and cost you absolutely nothing! Once you’re optimised your app will start ranking higher for different search results, improving your visibility and increasing your organic downloads, all whilst keeping your acquisition costs down. If you monetize your app in any way, say from ads, subscriptions, in-app purchases etc., then ASO will benefit you in terms of an increased revenue from all the extra downloads you are receiving.

Here are a few steps to improve your App Store Optimization on app stores.

1. Know your Users

The most common way of getting any app discovered is app store search. It’s important to research about your target audience, their needs and behavior. The research will provide customers insight and will prove beneficial for app marketing. Finding answers as to why users would choose to use the app, whether your app has the solutions to the users' needs, how they would search the app,  locations and language of the users etc. 


2. Optimize Keywords

One of the important things to improve the search ranking of the app is selecting the right keywords. As keywords are an important part of marketing in SEO they are also important in ASO. To pick the right keywords, research about the trending keyword and phrases which users use to search your category of app. Create a list of keywords you can use to promote your app in the app store. Use the keywords in the app description but make sure you're not stuffing the keywords. 

Both the app stores have different rules for Keywords. In the Apple store you get only 100 keywords. So, you have to choose the keywords wisely. For Google there is no specified keyword field. But the app description is searchable to 4000 keywords. 

With research you will get to know about the traffic for keywords, their demand, low difficulty, how many other apps of your category are already using those keywords. Initially start using this keyword which is more popular and of moderate difficulty. This will help to get more downloads. You can also utilize ASO tools to find the best App Store Keyword for your app category. 


3. Use Descriptive title

The app gets noticed by the users with its name. So it's very important that your app name is relevant and readable. The title should be appealing, easy for customers to remember which will increase app recognition amongst customers. Using keywords in your app title can increase your ranking. Descriptive titles can improve your app ranking. Both the App Stores have different guidelines for app tiles. If you are promoting your app on Google play you will get 50 characters while in the Apple Store you get 30 characters.


4. App Description

As a part of an app's metadata, app description is essential as it provides app information to the users. It is also relevant for app stores’ ranking algorithm. The app description on Google play, which provides a 4000 character limit, is where Google utilizes keywords to rank the app. But you need to put the keyword in proper sentences. The description should catch the users attention, easy to understand as well as relevant for the store’s ranking algorithm.

In the case of Apple stores the app is not ranked on the basis of its app description but you can use it to promote your app by providing descriptive information about your app. Mention about your apps unique features, social media links etc. to catch users attention.  




5. Get the Right Icon    

The app icon design should catch users attention. The icon design has an impact on app download. The design should give an impression about what your app is all about. Make sure that your app design is different from your competitors. Work on the work schemes, icon size, and design to get instant attention of the users. Before designing the app icon check the design standards for both the app stores. 


6. Use High-Quality Screenshots and Videos

Your efforts should also focus on convincing the customers to download your app once they visit your app page. The screenshots and videos are used to tell users about the app functionality. It plays an important role in the conversion optimization, which is a part of ASO. Initial visual impression plays an important role in making app download decisions. Therefore it's important to work on the visual designs with minute details. 


7. App Localization

App localization can help to increase the visibility of an app as well as its reach. You can target a large number of audiences who search the app in their native language globally. First you should start to localize your app listing. Translate the app name, keyword and app store descriptions, screenshots, app preview videos etc. With this you can increase the app download as people find the apps in their native language trustworthy.  


8. Reviews and Ratings

Feedbacks from your users have a huge impact on App Store Optimization. Both Google and Apple stores consider reviews that users leave for the app. Positive reviews help to increase app relevance and ranking in the app store. Most of the mobile users read reviews before downloading an app. So, developers should reply to both the positive and negative reviews. As feedback from developers is always appreciated by the users.

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