How Reviews and Ratings are important for Mobile Apps

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Today, it’s of extreme importance to make your app stand out from the others. That’s the reason we have seen an increase in app marketing in recent years. You need people to know about your app. Today, before downloading any app  people look for reviews and ratings and it influences their decision to a great extent. 

How you manage your app on the app store is vital in determining the success or failure of your app. Reviews and ratings are one of the important factors for an app to get discovered. According to Apptentive, 90% of users go through the reviews and ratings before installing an app. 

The major app market is shared by Apple and Google play store. The stores are added with hundreds of apps daily but how you get the users attention for your app will create the difference. As per Statistia for January 2021, there are around 511,000 apps in the Google Play store with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 star or higher. 

Let's see some of the reasons why reviews and ratings are important.

1. Improves the Visibility 

The main goal for all the app owners is to generate high revenue from the app. For this to happen your app must be visible to the audiences. The reviews and ratings will get your app high ranking in the app store. As there will be more reviews and ratings more people will be able to see the app. Aim for generating a large number of positive reviews. It will push your app to the top of search results. 

2. Boost in App Conversion 

Today, people are more cautious before installing any type of apps on their smartphones. First, they definitely scan through all the app reviews and ratings given by other users. You will find, the apps with 4 or 5 ratings have more downloads. While the apps with the lower rating are easily overlooked by the users. The app reviews and feedback from the other users helps in building trust in the minds of other potential user’s.  

Also, to collect high ratings and positive reviews keep an eye on the type of reviews and feedback you are receiving. Is there any update required by the users, any particular feature which users like. Try to work on the feedback, users surely appreciate the fact that they are being listened to. 

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3. Increase in Revenue

A successful app is the one which generates revenue. App reviews and ratings have influence on user purchasing behavior. It can also attract new opportunities for advertising and promotion from the clients. Try to create different channels for feedback from the users. Make the process as easy as possible. It’s better to ask for reviews from the users at the right time. Wait until the user has finished their task within the app. You can also ask your users to rate your app on promotional pages of various social media platforms. 

4. Helps in Retaining Users

 With all your marketing campaigns you can make your customer download the app. But it's difficult to keep a user active on the app for a long period of time. When you ask the user for reviews for the app, you are establishing a communication with them. Few aspects of your app like easy navigation, amazing user experience, great design can make users stay long on your app. Making users aware that their app reviews and suggestions are being considered, will build trust amongst users. Making the app available on different platforms will give a boost to retain your customers and positive reviews. 

To sum up 

The reviews and ratings are important and it can make your app appear at the top of search results and increase the app download. So, give importance to both the positive and negative reviews. It will help your app to be successful in the long run.

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