How to increase User Engagement for your Mobile App

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We are seeing a lot of new apps made every day but most of the time one of the biggest challenges for mobile app developers and marketers is to make the app go viral. Many users may download the app but without active users the business won’t yield much value. You require your users to come back to your app and for this you must be able to give them a reason for their engagement with an app. With the expanding market of mobile apps, it is important to ensure that you are offering something valuable to users to remain relevant for the long term.    

When we say mobile app engagement it involves users interactive actions with your app again and again. Achieving enough engagement is not an easy task but with the right approach, you can get active and loyal users for your app. 

Steps to increase User Engagement for your app

1. Simple and Effective Onboarding

Onboarding helps you to introduce your product to the users. If the users don’t understand your product and its value they are unlikely to use it. With effective onboarding you can educate your users about the special features of your app and different settings for customization. Make sure the process is simple for users to understand and use the app. If they find it difficult they may abandon the app. It’s the first impression of your app, so highlight the key features and benefits of your app. You can also use onboarding to explain about the newly added functionalities of your app.

push notifications


2. Push Notifications

Push Notifications are great to get users reminded about the app. They are an important part of the marketing strategies, but it's important to maintain a balance in the frequency of messages. Too many push notifications can be annoying for the users. Also, the message content should be relevant and useful for the users, which will have more chances of users actually clicking on the notification.

Use personalized notifications to increase the engagement of the users. You can send messages to the users based on their locations, user behavior thus reaching out to them at the right moment with the relevant message. You can also offer limited time promotional offers based on the location.

3. Keep app Updated 

Creating an app is one task but to keep it successfully running needs continuous efforts. If your app operates slow, has bugs, develops compatibility issues with devices, users will lose their interest in the app. Keeping your app updated will keep the users interested in the app. It's important for users to know that you are listening and responding to their feedback, so make sure your updates include the required features and fixes for the app.

rewards and gamification


4. Rewards and Gamification 

Offering rewards and incentives to users is an excellent way to keep users engaged with the app and even it makes a way to bring back old users. People are always excited about the reward and bonuses and such campaigns also attract new customers. With a reward program you can make users explore your app’s functionality and increase their engagement with the app to earn reward points.  Also offering them with the time bound offers you can improve the conversion rate. 

Using gaming elements in the marketing strategy can get your users attention and they can end up spending more time in the app.  Gamification also helps in establishing a communication with your users and also collects their feedback.


5. Personalize Content for Users 

Personalization is an important aspect for any successful app. The more you provide what the users prefer and relevant to them the more chances of them to continue using the app. Personalization for users can be done in many ways, starting by simply mentioning their name, also based on the user behavior data and localization you can connect with the users at the right time. You can also ask user feedback about their experience with the app and content to make improvements in your content recommendation. 


To sum up 

As the mobile app industry has become competitive and demanding more than ever, there are also challenges. It’s important to find the right balance between the strategies according to your app and market because what works for one app may not work for another. The practices we discussed will help you to improve app engagement and increase active users and also help in customer retention.

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