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Technology is making our lives easy. Now most of our work can be managed with just a few clicks on the apps. Most of the businesses are now online these days. No more need to rush to the stores and stand in line to make a purchase. Just open an app and you get the smooth and hassle free purchasing experience. Just like other industries, the pharmacy industry has also transformed and adapted to the new technology methods to reach and serve their customers.

Online medicine delivery apps are making people’s life easier. Medicines are essential for many people and the convenience of being able to order medicines online and get them delivered on their doorsteps is what makes this pharmacy app popular among users.

According to GrandViewResearch, the global ePharmacy market size was valued at USD 60.8 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.4% from 2021 to 2028. The increasing tech savvy consumers are adding to the growth of the market. With the increasing penetration of the internet across the globe there is major improvement in the digitization of healthcare services.

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Benefits of Online Medicine Delivery App

 For Customers

- Saves time to purchase medicines 

Sometimes it becomes difficult for people to find the required medicines at their local store and they have to go to other stores and spend so much of their time and effort to look for a particular medicine. With the on demand medicine app customers have the convenience to order medicines from their homes.

- Discounted prices

The apps by big pharmacies offer discounts in order to attract customers, which are not offered at the local chemists. These pharmacies sometimes also offer free delivery for the order. This way customers receive medicines at a discounted rate.

- Check medicine availability

Customers can easily check the availability of the medicines or other medical equipment. From the push notifications in the app customers can get the updates about the required medicines.

For Owners

- More Marketing options

For any business marketing is important to keep up with the competitive market. Through app marketing and promotions pharmacy stores can promote the business. The customer gets easy access to the online drugstore and with their feedback you can further improve your services.

- Increase customer reach

The app allows the business to expand its reach and increase customer base. With the app you can establish a communication with your customer in a better way, understand their requirements and provide them offers based on their product requirement.

- Inventory management

Keeping a record of medicine and managing inventory is not easy manually. With the online medicine delivery app solution you can easily manage the stock and process the orders. The advanced features of the system to send alerts for stock and expiry dates are helpful to owners to provide quick services to their customers.

- Brand building

The apps are an important tool for businesses to grow and establish a brand. You can provide various offers, do promotions, send news by push notifications to the customers. It will also help to get feedback from the customers and study users' buying patterns to improve your services to build a brand image.


Basic Features for App

For Customers

- User Login and Profile - The user should be able to sign in easily through email, social media or phone numbers and make their profile.

- Smart Search - An advanced feature where users can search medicines, filter options to make search convenient for users.

- Medicine Details - All the listed medicines in the application should have detailed information regarding its composition, manufacturing and expiry dates, dosage, possible side effects etc.

- Product Substitute suggestion - In case users want to know about the available substitutes for the medicines, they should have a product comparison based on price, manufacturer, reviews to make a decision.

- Upload Prescriptions - Users would be able to upload the prescriptions and would be able to receive the medicines accordingly.

- Tracking feature - This feature will help users to know the status of their order delivery.

For Pharmacy and Admin panel

- Registration Panel  - The pharmacist can register when they use the app for the first time and provide details.

- Dashboard -  Monitor all the requests and orders by users.

- Order management - This feature will allow you to manage the orders and check for the order status. Also manage the returned orders and refunds etc.

- Digital prescriptions - The pharmacist can view the digital prescription uploaded by the customer

- Manage product information - All the details regarding medicines information can be managed from here.

- Payments - Allows to raise a bill and provide safe and secure payment options for user convenience.

- Tracking - Keep track of routes and order delivery by the employees.

- Support - Offer support system for users to contact anytime.


On demand apps are in trend today and even medicine industry is taking the benefits of digitalization. Today more and more people are adopting digital ways to conduct their day to day lives and make their work effortless and save time. Medicine Delivery apps are becoming popular and it’s demand will rise in the future. So, if you plan to develop an app for your pharmacy business hire professional mobile app developers to guide you through the process.

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