Effective Marketing Strategies for Startups

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The world is moving toward digitalization and the mobile app development market is becoming  more challenging. If you are a startup, having a marketing strategy for your business is important to succeed and sustain for a long time. Many startups with unique ideas have failed due to being unable to make profits. Without the right combination of marketing strategies your startup will not flourish.

Today smartphones have become the most used device by the users to access the internet. Businesses are focusing on digital marketing to increase their presence. Choosing the right strategies for startups is important to get the maximum results. 

We will be discussing some digital strategies to promote and grow your startup. 



Set your Goal and Target audience

Most of the new businesses aim at expanding their business and increase the brand awareness. As a startup you have to introduce yourself to your potential customers and make them aware about your products and services and how they are different from others in the same market. As a startup you should know who would be your potential customers. So, try to know about their demographics, user behavior, concerns, their needs etc. This way you would be able to plan a strategy and organize your promotion focusing on the right target audience.

Social Media Marketing

There has been a continuous growth of social media usage amongst the users and that's why it is an important channel that a startup should include in their marketing strategy. Also, it’s an effective and low cost strategy for business. As of Q1 2020, there are around 420 billion people active on social media.

Social media marketing will help you to maximize your reach and make people aware about your products and services. There are various social media platforms and you should pick the right platforms to promote your business. Some platforms that are popular for promotions are facebook and Instagram ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads. Each platform offers the opportunity to connect and reach out to people of different fields. You can choose the platforms according to your target audience and goals.

email marketing


Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns are an important and  effective way to promote your business and build a relationship with the audiences. In 2020, the number of global email-users is around 4 billion and is expected to grow to 4.6 billion users in 2025.

Around 87% of B2B marketers use email as a distribution channel and 79% of business marketers use email to spread their articles and blog posts. Collect email id when people visit your website. In this way you would be able to share the updates regarding your products and services, special offers and create awareness through content. Try to increase the relevancy of content according to the customers.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an effective way to promote and build your image in the minds of your customers. Creating and sharing relevant and valuable content like blogs, infographics, videos, podcasts can increase user engagement. It’s a cost effective way to generate lots of leads. Content marketing also helps in the SEO and  social media optimization, though it takes some time to show results but the results are long term. Companies like HubSpot, TED, Buffer are some of the companies who have successfully used content marketing to boost their business.



Search Engine Marketing

Getting your business found in the search engine will get exposure for your startup and will give instant results. With the advertising on search engines you can easily reach your audience. You can start with a small budget and you will be charged only when someone clicks on your ad. It’s important to choose the right keyword for your ads. You will also be able to collect data which will be helpful to plan other marketing strategies.

Referral Marketing 

Through a word-of-mouth initiative you can develop a large base of customers. When your customers become promoters for your business, it gives a significant boost to your businesses and gathers loyal customers. Most of the people trust on the recommendations given by other existing customers. For this to happen your customer must be happy and satisfied with your products or services. You can also offer them something in return if they refer to your products and services.  Many companies like Dropbox, Amazon, PayPal and others have used this method to acquire new customers. 

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