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We are living in a connected world. People travel around to different places, businesses are run internationally and of course digitally we can connect to other people in any corner of this world. Today, there is a growing trend of learning new languages. People look for different effective ways to learn new languages. We are also seeing a rise in the trends of education apps in recent times.

Though language learning can be difficult and the process can become tiresome. There are lots of language learning apps which are making the process of new language learning fun and easy. These apps are easy to use and can generate a lot of profit for owners.

One of the examples of such apps is Duolingo. The popular language learning app founded in 2011, has over 500 million global downloads and is the top language app on app store and google play. It has 40 million active users and offers 38 languages for free. It has 1.5 million premium subscribers and booked $190 million in 2020. Babbel, Quizlet, Brainscap, Rosetta Stomee are other popular language learning apps.

Language Learning App Market scenario

The market of language learning apps is growing. One of the reasons for the growth is the convenience of learning that the app offers to its users. People can use the app anywhere and anytime and learn new languages online. According to a report, the worldwide language learning market will develop at a CAGR of approx 18% in the period of 2020 to 2024. AI powered chatbots are making the language learning process more efficient. 

The rise of globalization the economy across the globe giving a boost to the language learning industry growth. With the constant innovation and advanced technology adoption the new products are becoming more cost efficient which is helping the mobile application industry to grow. Also the spread of COVID-19 has added to the growth of language learning applications across the globe.

How to make a Language Learning app?

1. Convenient Content Format

Provide your users with quality content which also satisfies all their needs. Make your content diversified including texts, pictures, audios, videos (including subtitles and translations) etc.

2. Gamification

The language learning process can become boring, but need not be like that. The process can be turned into an exciting game by introducing achievements, bonus, incentives and making it more competitive and fun by competing with others.

3. To the Point

As the app can be used by the different age groups of people and learners having any level of knowledge, make sure your content is clear and easy to understand. Include tips and prompts in your apps, chatbots for user support.

4. Social Media Integration

To make the registration process simplified for the users, allow your users to connect through their social media profiles. This will save users time as they won't answer the regular questions.

5. Attractive Design

The process of learning through the app should be pleasant and easy to navigate. The app interface design should be clean and easy to understand. Make sure your app designs work well on all the different devices as well as on Android and iOS platforms. The more you make it convenient for the users the more are the chances of app success in the future.

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What are the Essential Features of Language Learning app

1. Feedback from Users

It's important to know what your users think about your app. Motivate your users to provide feedback for your app. Keep an option to review the learning content, courses provided in the app. The reviews will be helpful in improving your services and you would know more about  what your users need.

2. Make Learning Process Fun

While planning for your app, ensure to make the learning process interesting and fun through gamification. Let your users enjoy the learning process so that they keep coming back and engage with the app.

3. One Platform

Serve your users everything in one place. Your app should allow users to listen, write, watch and speak at the same place. The app should offer materials to brush up all the language skills such as flash cards, progress tracking etc.

4. Offer Free Trial Period

You can offer your learning language app features free of cost for a certain duration or for some number of course modules. Let them explore your app. It will be useful for new users and people who want to learn basic language.

5. Quality Content

Include quality content in your app rather than stuffing your app with unnecessary content. Plan your course with quality and required learning material. Don't simply increase the learning content which may not be even useful for the users. Organize your course structure in detail and create a course that users will prefer over other available courses.

6. Use of Animations and Illustration

Adding visual elements to the learning content makes it easier to understand. When we use illustrations, images, and visuals to explain, it becomes interesting for users to gain knowledge. The learning will involve users from all the age groups from kids to adults, so the  approach of  presenting the learning courses in an entertaining and fun format will make the learning quick.

7. Online Community

The app should offer a platform where learners can create forums for discussion, sharing information and interact with each other to improve their skills.

8. Live Streaming

You can also include the live streaming sessions with teachers for students.This will help them to clear their doubts with the teachers and their guidance will increase the confidence of the learners. 


With digitization there are various changes happening in the process of education and learning. The advanced technology is allowing developers to develop innovative language learning apps . The process of language learning can be challenging for many people. Hire the mobile app development team and help people to learn new languages and skills by entering the market of language learning apps.

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