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Education is not restricted to the traditional ways anymore. The method of educating is transformed with the adoption of digital ways. Due to the pandemic, the education sector has gone through rapid changes. Now, it’s possible to study anywhere and anytime. Educational mobile apps are becoming very popular recently and there is growth in the interest of educational app development.

The education apps market has the potential to grow by USD 70.55 billion during 2021- 2025 and the market’s growth momentum will decelerate at a CAGR of 27.49%.

According to Statistia, during the first quarter of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a surge of downloads of educational apps. In the latest reported quarter, the Apple App Store had 470 million educational app downloads, In comparison, users downloaded 466 million educational apps via Google Play. Both platforms had their respective highest reported educational app downloads in this quarter.

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To develop an educational app first, you need to decide what kind of app you want to create. There are various types of learning apps in demand right now. Like

- Kids Focused Educational Apps

- Tutors Apps

- Teacher and Student apps

- Language learning

- Specialized course apps

Must have Features in  Educational Apps

1. Registration and Login

Make the registration process easy and quick for users. Provide them with various options for signup such as through email, phone number.  

2. User Profile

Here users can register all of their details. All the activity records of the user can be kept here. Users can edit their profile and select for different services. To increase the user activity, app can also offer rewards, points etc.

3. Search/ Filters

It’s very important to have a smart search option in the app. It will help the user to find the right content, course or subject. With the right filters they can get the results quickly.

4. Push Notification

It's important to have a notification bar, as it will provide the users with the information about the app. Through push notifications users can stay updated with the latest features, schedule changes,  upcoming learning session or activity, results and more. This will increase the engagement of users with the educational app.

5. Education Content Courses/ Library

The app should offer various courses, reading materials so that it can be easily accessed by the users. Provide the content in a form which can be easily understood. Instead of using too much text, use animation and graphics to make the learning process more interesting. With the use of AR/VR technology you can take the learning experience to another level.



6. Live Sessions

Live teaching session are valuable for learners as they get the chance to communicate and get personal guidance. The learners may loose the interest if there is no interaction and they always have to learn from preloaded videos and other content. With live session, creating a virtual classroom environment and adding chat feature will make the learning process more interesting for the users.

7. Test and Quizzes

Any learning process is not complete without a test. The learners should be able to test their knowledge and know about their progress through various tests and quizzes. Make the test process fun and engaging by adding videos and audio clips.


8. Gamification

Gamification of an app is important to increase the user engagement and attract users. It is great to keep the attention of the learners for a longer time and keep them motivated for learning. Gaming elements like challenging levels, badges for their achievements and progress, points for tasks and activities, in-game currency and more.   

9. Personalization

Personalization of apps is important to enhance user experience. The app should include personalized tests, correction sessions, customized learning and more to make learners learn at their own pace and improve.

10. Feedback and Forums

Interaction and discussions with the other users and tutors make the learning process more active. Students can communicate with each other and share their opinions and discuss about the topics, give feedback and more.


With the advancing technology the e-learning industry is growing faster. There is rising demand for enhanced educational apps of all kinds. The apps built with advanced technology are making the learning process more fun and interactive. If  you want to develop an educational app, find the right app development company to guide you to build a successful app.

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